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Enabel Belgisch Ontwikkelingsagentschap

December 2022

Setting up a hybrid event at the offices of Enabel in Brussels with participants worldwide, as well as producing an aftermovie of the event.

By inviting social innovators, experts and partners in innovation, Enabel wants to inspire participants and invite them for joint action.

The first edition of #EnablingTheFuture - held on December 15, 2022, evolves around the Wehubit programme, Enabel’s innovation fund and flagship program supporting scaling-up of digital social innovations. The event is a unique opportunity to meet social innovators and innovation teams from West, East and Central Africa, the Middle East and Europe working on digital social innovations in e.g. e-health, climate smart agriculture, EdTech, women empowerment, digital skills and smart cities.

After the hybrid event, we received some nice words from Toon Driesen and Tom Crohin from Enabel: