Hybrid event

A hybrid event is the smart combination of a physical event and an online event. When talking about a true hybrid event, the experience for both audiences is the same, which is the biggest challenge.


Going hybrid is not the future, it is now

But ... no worries ... we are here to help you.

Although setting up a hybrid event shows many similarities to setting up a webinar, there are some essential differences. The biggest challenge: you need to address two audiences. A physical audience and a virtual audience. Making the experience equal for both, that's the challenge.

So, our first and probably most important advice: think very carefully about how you want to captivate both audiences. What do you expect from the physical audience, and what do you expect from the virtual audience? In which way can you keep both engaged, and in the ideal world: how can you get interaction between both?

We see it as our job to guide and advise you in this process. As well as in all other matters involved in the organization of a hybrid event. We do want to unburden you as much as possible. Especially when it comes to the technical side. When it comes to technology, it's simple: we draw out the best option to obtain what you have in mind.

The content, of course, is up to you. You decide about topics, presentors, guests, look & feel, interactivity, powerpoint presentations, prerecorded video content, ... That's the part where we are happy to be your guide. From experience, we know by now what works and what doesn't.

Preparation is key

As logical as it sounds, preparation is the most important thing. For this very reason, Cmore has written a roadmap, which is applied to every single hybrid event, and in which - during the preparation phase - all details related to the event are included. During each preparation, we also provide regular online consultations. This way, we are constantly informed of the progress of the project from both sides.

All-inclusive package

Our principle is: we either do it or we don't. And if we do it, we go all the way.

That's why we consciously choose to work with packages. It saves you and us difficult quotes, everything needed to make your hybrid event a success is included and you know the exact price in advance because there are no upsells.



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Thinking of a hybrid event?

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All facilities built to host your hybrid event

During summer 2022, Cmore has built its own studios. The project became a complete venue, called Cmore Media Arena, and is located in Zellik, near Belgium's capital city Brussels. Media Arena hosts 3 studios that fit for webinars. Discover the full venue on www.mediaarena.eu.



The Arena

An in-person, hybrid or virtual event ... Our flagship studio The Arena offers all three possibilities, with a live audience of max. 200 persons on site.



The Foyer

Networking and connecting over snacks and drinks is what The Foyer is for. A reception, breakfast, lunch or diner: everything is possible.



The Entrance

Hybrid events need a dedicated registration area. Guests, speakers, artists, ... they all deserve an appropriate reception upon entering your event.