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A livestream allows attendees to watch online through live video and audio. The difference with a webinar or a hybrid event is that with a livestream, there is no direct - or at least very limited - interaction with the online audience.

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Live streams can have various applications

Press conference

You want your message to be send to the world (and journalists in particular). Make it as easy as possible for them to pick up your news. A live stream is a convenient way for people to watch, even on their own device.

Sports competitions

Volleyball, basketball, jumping, ... and much, much more. Increases visibilty of your sports game, and reaches a larger audience, especially for local teams. If desired, including scoreboard and live commentary!


Broadcast your conference live so participants can watch from home. Anywhere in the world, without traveling. Consider making this a new revenue model, which is easy to scale.

Cultural activities

Festivals, theater shows, standup comedy, musical performances, ... almost all cultural activities for which people buy tickets today, can be offered through live stream also. A new business model.

Funeral ceremony

Distance, health reasons, ... there are many reasons why somebody is unable to attend in person. With a live stream you make sure everyone can attend and say a last goodbye to a loved one.

When setting up a live stream, keep a few things in mind to make the stream as successful as possible:


The quality of the live stream must be good, especially since there is no interaction, so the viewer must remain captivated in other ways.

A sharp image, clear sound and minimal impact on the network connection are key here.

On-demand capabilities

Also consider in advance the on-demand capabilities of livestreams, especially if you are using the recordings for marketing purposes.

Reworking and reusing content increases ROI and creates a noticeable longer impact.

The appropriate platform

Who is the target audience? And most importantly, what platforms is the target audience familiar with? Definitely take this into account when choosing a platform.

And further: does the livestream need to be secure? Is data analysis necessary? These are all things you should think about beforehand.