FitBonus Kick-Off 2023

hybrid event, live stream, multicamera, event video


Production date:

Project scope:

April 2023

Organising a hybrid event for participants in the FitBonus traject, allowing 150 people to participate on site, and 2.600 people online.

On April 26th, 2023, Energy Lab launched the FitBonus program with a hybrid event at Media Arena, the studio and event venue of Cmore. The FitBonus is a personalized coaching program that lasts nine months. During this trajectory, participants receive a mix of inspiring workshops to strengthen their mental and social well-being, and they will participate in exercise initiatives. During the pathway, the diverse dimensions of health are addressed.

The Kick-Off event was presented by Ruben Van Gucht, and both Flemish ministers Hilde Crevits and Jo Brouns were present.