Het Leidende Lam



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Bisdom Gent

October 2021

Capture the one time concert @ Sint-Baafs Cathedral in Ghent.

18 microphones - 8 cameras - Stream Force One

The full concert

Behind the scenes

On the recently restored central panel of the Lamb of God, groups of people from the four corners of the world flock to the altar on which "the leading Lamb" - wounded but resurrected - looks appallingly at the viewer.

Kris Oelbrandt, to whom the diocese of Ghent entrusted a composition commission, transferred that staging to the cathedral and into his composition. Four choirs in four corners singing to each other. A piano, lonely in the middle. Biblical texts that had been handed to him, he transformed into almost mystical music.

A unique viewing and listening experience in a beautiful performance by Vocal Ensemble Saevus, Filip Martens on piano, Pieter De Praetere as countertenor and Johannes De Wilde, conductor.