Deltacardio Symposium

congress video, hybrid event


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December 2022

8.500 € à 13.000 €

Hybrid meeting with live cases @ AZ Delta in Roeselare. Streaming the cases to the auditorium, and stream of the meeting to remote participants.

Live case: TAVI procedure

Live case: LBB procedure

December 10, 2022. At AZ Delta in Roeselare invites GPs and other HCPs to the symposium "Innovatie Zorgprogramma Hartziekten" organized by the cardiology department. The goal: to provide an update on cardiovascular interventions in 2022.

And AZ Delta is doing this in a remarkable way: during the symposium, the audience can follow along with live cases in the cathlab. A TAVI procedure and an LBB procedure are streamed live from the cathlab to the auditorium. 

The audience can follow along, down to the smallest parameters. And, there is opportunity to interact with the doctors around the operating table.

But it goes even further ...

Because of the symposium's hybrid setup, GPs and HCPs can also follow along from home. For that, Cmore is setting up a separate control room, which will provide a mix between the lectures and the live cases. This way, the home viewer doesn't miss a thing from the symposium.

Short overview movie