Roots 66



Production date:

Project scope:

August 2018

Creating a roadmovie during a 3-week trip along Route 66, all the way from Chicago to L.A.

Music and cars forged a strong bond between Günther Neefs and Guy De Pré. In August 2018, they started driving together on the most mythical of all roads: the US Route 66. A search across the big pond for the roots of our music. It has become a multimedia project with live reports on Radio 2, a road movie on DVD and an authentic LP. The album summarizes 5,000 kilometers in 15 unforgettable tracks.

The roadmovie has been shot, edited and written by Cmore's CEO en founder Christophe Vandenbussche, who was only accompanied by his - at that time - 12 years old daughter Olivia.

Roots 66 is an unforgettable journey, with fantastic memories, and a lasting friendship with Günther, Guy and wives Tanja and Tina. And for Cmore, it was an honor to do this assignment.