Met Zorg Organiseren



Production date:

Project scope:

February 2022

Broadcasting a live webinar in studio around the topic of "Sustainable careers as a solution to the labor shortage".

In early 2019, the Flemish government launched a project to encourage, guide and support residential care centers to organize their work differently. The goal? Meaningful and workable work for employees, where they have the necessary space and opportunities to respond flexibly to the questions and care needs of residents and/or family members. The project was named: "Innovative work organization in residential care centers as a lever for better care and meaningful and workable work."

Workitects followed up the trajectories of the residential care centers and gathered insights on how to organize care, with care for both residents and employees. For the learning networks and individual coaching of the residential care centers, we worked together with consultants from our Workitects network.

In 2022, this project was completed. Therefore, we were eager to share acquired insights and practical examples from the project during our closing event "Organizing with Care. The interest was great. Almost 500 interested people registered and on the day itself we welcomed 320 participants online.