Waregem & Het Pand

corporate video, documentary


Production date:

Project scope:

July 2022

Creating a documentary for screening in the cinema about Het Pand in Waregem, on the occasion of the reopening in the summer 2022.

Het Pand and Waregem. The two are irrevocably linked. Connecting is therefore the goal of Het Pand. Because the shopping center has been connecting the town center with the flourishing Regenboogpark and the renovated Zuiderpromenade for decades. Meeting each other, relaxing, shopping... Het Pand brings people together in different ways, making it a landmark far beyond the city's borders.

Since 2021, a lot of time went into renovating Het Pand. A lot of craftsmen took care of that. But how did this new look come about? And above all, where did the idea come from? And what is the history of Het Pand? All these questions are answered in a 10 minutes documentary, that has been shown during the reopening weekend of Het Pand.

Detailed description of Het Pand, and link to the video: www.hetpandwaregem.be